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SchoolSucksTV #7: Learning Theories

Published on Mar 23, 2013 Original source; schoolsuckstv-7-learning-theories Osborne and [Brett Veinotte] discuss behaviorism, constructivism and cognitivism. [Brett Veinotte] read a college paper [he] wrote in 2002 called “My Philosophy of Education.” [He] was young, dumb and full of liberal

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Andrea Kuszewski On Bulletproof Executive Radio

Who said that learning should be easy? Not Andrea Kuszewski, a spirited researcher and science writer. On this episode of Bulletproof Radio Andrea even suggests that learning is painful and should perhaps be valued for its ability to make our

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History… Connected: Merging the Trivium Method with Non-Violent Communication

Published on Jul 12, 2013 Tonight, on History So It Doesn’t Repeat: We feature a presentation by Tragedy and Hope researcher Darrell Becker, discovering how to formulate effective Critical Thinking (via the Trivium Method) and empathetic communication skills (via NVC);

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